Friday, April 17, 2009

The wise man built his house upon a rock...

errr..... maybe the Primary song was wrong?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Ultimate Sadness!

I learned something really tragic tonight.  Pop rocks chocolate loses the *pop* factor over time.  It simply becomes a piece of chocolate with a tiny amount of popping, if you know what you're looking for.  And if you suck all the chocolate off, you're left with a piece of what used to have pop, but is now just a decently hard (but slightly chewy) piece of flavorless sadness.

If anyone happens to be going to Jerusalem (or knows anyone there), I would much appreciate a new bar or two to cheer me up.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Plant Spotlight - Doloris

No, not Dolores. This fantastic plant was not named after the evil, wicked woman in Harry Potter. Rather, she has a much more pleasant namesake, my grandma, Doloris, who is a wonderful woman.

When I first got the start from Brother, (only three little starts, if you can believe it from the pictures!) it reminded me of an old-fashioned kind of plant. So I named her after my grandma, who was fantastically old-fashioned and I heart her a lot.

Here she is almost one year ago (May 2008):

However, in this past year she has grown remarkably huge. To the point that I had to repot her and she took up far too much room on the floor, so we figured out how to make her into a hanging plant, where she is much happier. Here's what she looks like today:

She's a very hardy plant. So long as you love her and make sure she gets water here and there and has some sunlight, she'll flourish like crazy. She's a perfect option for someone without a green thumb. Just like Grandma, she loves everyone. If anyone wants one for themselves, bring me a pot and potting soil if you have some (if not, I'm pretty sure I still do) and I'll make starts and even plant them for you. (Unless you're comfortable with starts. Then I'll just give you the starts.)
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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Plant names

Sister recently decided to listen to my wisdom and name her plants.  I promise, plants do better if you name them, talk to them, etc.  They're basically my pets since I can't have a cat.  Anyway, she blogged about the first plants she named, and would you believe it?  She gave one of them the same names that my plant had first!  Though, hers was named after a living person, and mine after a scriptural person.  So we decided that it was ok.  But to keep her from doing it again, I promised her I would blog the names of all of my plants.  Due to all of my plant pictures being on another computer, I will just give the list of names now, and then I'll start my plant spotlight up again, complete with pictures.  I'm sure you're all thrilled about this.  :)

Tamar (the duplicate name)
Daphne Iris of Guild
Irene (pronounced eye-ree-nay)

Deceased plants (Sister, if you really want one of these names, I could be flexible)
Beatrice (which actually belonged to The Cold One, but I took care of since April... and then killed)

Friday, January 23, 2009


We moved at work today, new cubicles and all that jazz. I went to use the restroom and the bathroom is set up exactly the same, so I went to my normal stall. I was a little surprised to see "Marlene" in stickers all over the door. I was a little shocked... you can claim a public bathroom stall? Does that mean I can't use it? (I was rebellious and used it.) I looked around and found that Chelcy, Jolynn, Katharine and Karen had also claimed stalls. That leaves 3 for the rest of the public.

My goal is now to meet Marlene to see if I should boobytrap her stall or if I should be nice.

Monday, December 01, 2008


I was discussing the pros and cons of blogging today with Laser Jock.  (Or, in other words, I was trying to convince him to blog and he'd have none of it.)  That conversation inspired me to blog again (see my last post) and next thing I knew, I was reading through my archives.  I found that when I got to my really long posts, I skipped them.

Does anyone else find this hypocritical of me?  I won't even read my own long blog posts?


For you, Goblin King

The Goblin King got mad at me the other day for not posting on this blog anymore.  "I miss all the random stuff you'd come up with."

Hmm... what random things could I tell you today?

Did you know that you can put together an entire artificial Christmas tree while running horrible, cursed stats, and get both done without sacrificing the other?  It also makes the worst job in the world tolerable.  Too bad I can't do it again tomorrow as I do the worst part of stats.  [sigh]

I repotted Alfred today.  Is it cruel to do this to a plant?

Laser Jock thought I was being quite cruel.  In fact he told me that I was beig string-ent.  [rolls eyes]  I convinced him I was doing it out of love.  Alfred isn't strong enough to hold himself up in his new pot quite yet.  Give it a week or so and I'll probably remove two of those three strings.  The last one will probably get moved over the weeks to train him to stay in his pot.  It's huge.  I can't repot him into something bigger.  He must learn to grow in a circle.

Hmmm... something else.  Three is a good number.  I should have three random things on here.  Oh, this should please you, GK.  A Garfield comic!  This one made me laugh right out loud.  Go check it out.

Monday, October 06, 2008


This is the T-shirt I bought Yellow in Jerusalem as a gag gift. (Please note the word "Girl" is in various fonts. They didn't have the press-on with "girlfriend" so they got a "boyfriend" one, cut out the word "boy", and replaced it with scrap letters that they had cut out from other press-ons. Also, it was a man with one arm that made this shirt. Also, please note the color of the shirt.)

He wore it for the first time (that I've ever seen) when we went camping over Labor Day. It made me laugh and I figured it should be shared with the world.
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thank you for saying thank you!

Part of my job is to answer emails from patrons about our website. Sometimes patrons can be kind of snarky in their emails ("Why does your site do this when I obviously told it to do this other thing?!???!?!?!"), and I take great pleasure in either fixing the problem or writing back and very tactfully explaining what they did wrong. (I take no pleasure when there's nothing I can do about the problem. That just annoys me.)

Yesterday I answered just such an email. I saw immediately what she had done wrong and why it would be confusing. So, in great detail, I explained how each part of the site worked, and even went beyond that and did her search for her, telling her exactly where she could find the data she wanted. It made me feel kind of cool to be able to answer her email in such detail.

Today I got the following reply from her, "That was a FANTASTIC explanation! Thank you for taking time to do all that for me."

It made me smile. Those kind of responses make all the snarky emails totally worth it.

Monday, September 08, 2008

junk mail

Dear Publishers Clearing House ~

Stop sending me your crap. I don't open it, and you're just killing trees.

~ Dragon Lady